Behind the Scenes: Modern Chinoiserie Part 2 Shoot!

The idea for a mother- daughter collection came to me as I was pining for a daughter, as I have never really done any sort of twinning with my son before. (Not sure boys appreciate that kind of thing!)

It might be a good thing I have a son though, as I think I might go mad shopping for all the cute girls' clothes if I had a daughter! So the next best was, a collection for moms and their precious girls.

I asked my good friend, Jen, if she would like to model this capsule collection with her daughter, and thankfully, both were really excited about it! Here are some bloopers and behind-the-scene shots that happened just this Monday that passed. :)

After shooting that collection, I got my little helper to do the BTS shots again! Her mom is getting more comfortable in front of the camera.

Finding angles, getting lighting right... this is hard work!

Getting my model's opinion...

It was very windy that day... We thought it was a good thing initially, but it wasn't... however, it made for a lot of laughter!

Oops! Lol!

Her precious girl... trying to make mommy look good... but she took too many waaaay too-close-up shots! Lol!

Jen and I met in a most unexpected way, but it is by God's grace our paths crossed, and this is a very dear and precious friendship.

My little model! I actually teach her piano. >< And what a kind, sweet soul this little girl has. Just like her mother.

When I made the pieces, I imagined what it would look like on her, or another one of my little students. If it fit them, didn't look too loud or 'adult', and it was something they can continue to wear as they grow up, perfect!

In all, it was a very fun day, and I am incredibly excited to roll out this collection tomorrow night!

Here's to more exciting things in 2019!