How do I purchase? Most items are sold out. 
The item I put in my cart was not held for me, but sold out.

I only sell my work online at the moment, occasionally launching collections on this website. A couple of times a year, I do participate in physical pop-ups to showcase my work.

For updates, please follow my IG account @elijjewelry.


To facilitate a quicker check-out, please set up an account and key in all your details on the website and your mode of payment (i.e. PayPal details, credit card details). 

*Please note- Having/holding the item in your cart does NOT guarantee that it is yours. The first person who checks out and pays will get it. 

Our website system works in a way that even if 10 people have the same item in their cart, the first person who checks out and pays will get it. My work is mostly one-of-a-kind, so very often, that piece is the only one available. 

Can I reserve something/purchase directly from you via DM from your upcoming collection? 

Unfortunately, no. I would like to be fair to everyone. Thank you for understanding!

Would it be possible to change some gems/add on to something I purchase from your collection? 

Unfortunately not. When I make something for a collection, it is how I envisioned it to look as it is. If you would like a change to the design, perhaps you might prefer to go for a customization made specially for you. 

My credit card shows I paid for an item but it was sold out as I paid. 

I will check in my system too, however, if it does not reflect in your account that it is in your order history, it is likely that someone managed to check out and pay before you did.

If it does not reflect in my Order History either, it is likely that your bank did not deduct the amount and all is good!


 How do I customize something with you?

Currently, I am not taking in many bespoke orders, but if you have a special occasion coming up and can allow me a lead time of at least 2 months, feel free to contact me to discuss!

I can be contacted at @elijjewelry on Instagram or elijjewelrysg@gmail.com.


What is gold filled? Is it solid gold?

No, it is not solid gold. To learn more, here is a blog post where you may read more about it.


How do I take care of my jewelry?

We live in humid Singapore, and extra care needs to be given to our jewelry. Do read more about how to do it here.