Jewelry Care

Living in humid Singapore means that we need to take extra-good care of our jewelry as moisture and the chemicals in our sweat can be  some of the worst culprits for jewelry that’s gold plated, gold filled or sterling silver. Anyone who tells you that these will never tarnish is likely way too optimistic, as realistically, these are not made of solid gold.

Here are some tips to prolong the shine on your pieces. 

1. All jewelry should be kept in airtight, or the ziploc bags your jewelry was packed in when not worn. This is to prevent tarnish through oxidation. 

*After wear, gently wipe down and clean your earrings, allow them to dry before placing them back into ziploc bags. Letting them dry before storing will prevent buildup of moisture in the ziploc bags. 

2.  If sterling silver or 14k gold filled (14k gold filled contains 5% gold pressure bonded to base metals) parts oxidize, gently buffing it with a silver polish cloth will restore its shine.

Gold plated jewelry should also be treated with care, however, do NOT buff with silver polish cloth as that may dull the gold.

3.  If necessary, clean the gemstone or metal by gently wiping with a barely-damp cloth, and dabbing dry with a tissue after.

Do NOT use alcohol or an ultrasonic machine to clean your jewelry.

If you need help, feel free to contact me, I would be happy to help you clean your pieces. 

4.  Baroque pearls, jade and gemstones earrings should be stored separately to prevent knocking against each other. Clean them the same way as mentioned above.

5.  Pearls can lose their shine and color if in contact with acids, and can absorb perfume, so it would be best to wear any pearl jewelry AFTER spraying perfume and applying any cosmetics or lotions.  

6.  Please do not bathe, exercise or sleep in your jewelry.

If you are sensitive to metals, or don’t like to take your jewelry off, your best bet may be to wear only solid gold that’s 14k, 18k or 22k. These will never tarnish or fade as their gold content is much higher. 

More info about 14k gold filled can be found in a post on my website.