Boutique Fairs S/S 2019

A long overdue post on my amazing Boutiques experience!

From this empty space...

To packing up to set up for Boutiques with the help of my husband...

We were greeted by these tables and nothing else.

We slowly transformed the space.

With fresh blooms and plenty of lighting...

Pearls on one table, and gemstones and jade on the other.

Peppered with vintage inspired glass deco and genuine vintage milkglass vases.

And after 3 months of intense preparations, 15 hour long days, hard work sourcing, designing the artwork, making over a hundred pieces, and planning the whole thing, we were finally set up and ready to invite all of you to come see my work!

Thursday night was preview night, and it was wonderful to see familiar and new faces.

My first guests ...

Even my little student came with her mom!

All these lovely ladies came to visit after work- thank you!

And Wendy bought two pairs and wore them together, inspired by Yanxi Palace!

Thank you guys for the food and flowers, on separate days, even if I didn't manage to photograph them all!

I took the most photos during the VIP night and some on Day 1, before exhaustion kicked in. ><

One of my sisters came! (other sister was overseas) She put on the baroque pearl necklace I'd made for her immediately hehe!

Thank you ladies for taking interest in my handmade pieces! :)

An old customer who has become a friend, from way back when... :)

A very dear friend, Faye, who came in the baroque pearl necklace I'd made for her, in a modern, chunky style!

This pretty Japanese lady came and bought these statement baroque pearl earrings and put them on right away!

Two pieces from my "Baroque Rocks!" collection, incorporating vintage pieces, chunky semiprecious stones and baroque pearls! This was on Day 2, and one of the necklace was sold on VIP night... thank you KW!

LOVED the gluten-free muffins from The Whole Kitchen. I was so happy they were there, as I could eat dessert for lunch! :D

Brenda (from WhereBilly) and her husband came with her sister, Mavis (themistermineko) and her charming little boy! Finally got to meet them, and was really very happy they came by. Her little boy was a breath of fresh air, with his sweet chatter and inquisitiveness.

Even husband's friend came to support me! Haha!!

What an experience Boutique Fairs was! To be able to meet so many of you I'd only chatted with online, or seen your usernames, was the best part. Thank you all for dropping by, for saying hi, and for purchasing my work. It meant so much to me, and greatly encouraged me on my journey in this little business.

Some of you have become friends, and for this, I feel extremely blessed! 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart,