New Life at Eli. J!

(my wedding earrings I made with opal quartz, tanzanite, lilac amethyst, pink topaz, rainbow moonstone, aquamarine, grey pearls, on 14k gold filled sky blue topaz studs.)

My first post in many years! So many things have changed for me, and yet, I am fundamentally the same person. Does that make sense? :)

These few years, have been hum-drum, getting on with work, parenting, relationships and friendships. Inspiration came and went. I suppose that's normal with the arts. However, I loved being able to still make jewelry, to have been able to still play with stones and come up with pieces. And to have made pieces that made others happy.

Since getting married in March this year, and then going on a 2 week long holiday to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, I think it was what I really needed. Inspiration has been coming in after the trip, fast and furious, together with conceptualizing new ideas and collections and looking for new material.

I hope this space will be one where I can share my ideas and new work, and one where we can share life's journey with one another. Not just as someone who makes the jewelry, but as your friend. 


love, Jo