Beauty in the Ordinary Earrings
Beauty in the Ordinary Earrings
Beauty in the Ordinary Earrings
Beauty in the Ordinary Earrings

Beauty in the Ordinary Earrings

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Beauty in the Ordinary was inspired by my husband's fascination with Japan's many streams and canals. Lol! At first I thought it rather strange, but then upon his insistence, I took a closer look and indeed, they are picture-worthy! Our canals in Singapore cannot compare.

Some were lined with sakura trees, others with lush greenery...

And so, for this pair, I used muted, natural colours. It doesn't mean that the stones are less precious. In fact, they are rare. Watermelon tourmaline these days are getting a lot of attention for their colours and these slices at the top are the most rough and natural, but I had been hoarding them for so many years, I knew I wanted to take them out to use for these.

If you look closely, you will be able to see pink, green, brown within each stone.  They are not perfectly smooth, but have little inclusions, but they're natural, and to me, beautiful because of the textures and character they hold.
Clusters of watermelon tourmaline and tourmaline hug together just below. Each one has a different colour. They are dark pink, light pink, yellow, brown, extremely dark green, moss green, even bi colored green and pink!  I know it will take a very special lady to appreciate these stones.

And to end off, faceted, blue- flash labradorite heart shaped briolettes.


A simple pair that will go with so many outfits. 



~ watermelon tourmaline slices

~ watermelon tourmaline rondelles

~ peridot rondelles

~ citrine rondelles

~ labradorite briolettes



~ 14k gold filled wires

~ high quality gold plated cubic zirconia hooks